Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elegant "Fast-food"

The Fast-food tag has hounded many genuine and delicious dishes around the world. most prominantly, pizza. Food outlets like Pizza Hut and Dominoes give traditional pizza a terrible representation, but the folk down at Normanhurst Pizza Cafe have rediscovered the traditional beauty, but also connected with an exotic and exciting new blend of flavours. Traditionally the haunt of the young and beautiful, the Cafe lies on the busy main street of Normanhurst, metres from the train station, making it the perfect spot for a quick but elegant dinner, and also a sit-down style meal. The range of pizzas available is simply staggering, ranging from flavours as stock standard as the traditional Margarita to the bizarre but delectable Sweet-Chilli Prawn. Overall, a great night was had accompanied by excellent standard food. The outdoors dining areas were also to be recommended, not much beats the cool breeze caressing your face as you dig in to a succulent Spicy Mexican. If you are in the Normanhurst area, the Normanhurst Pizza Cafe is a certainty.

Breakfast Creations - The "Gamechanger"

So guys, I've decided to branch out into the world of breakfast, with some of the stranger local dishes i have experienced. I met a friend after a party, and we decided to do something special for a brunch-y style meal. He told me of a friend who had made his "signature dish" at a similar party, after a big night he rolled a side of bacon inside a crepe style pancake, and smothered it in golden syrup - the only available sauce. He told me it tasted divine, and despite my hesitation, i obliged, downing three "Gamechangers", as he called it. IT was suprisinlgy filling, and tasted brilliant. The golden syrup strangely complimented the bacon, something i had not anticipated. Overall, kudos to the creator of this breakfast icon.


Hello to all fellow food lovers out there, Hawkdaddy here ready to bring to you some of my favorite foods and dishes, from around Sydney. I'm going to start off with a dinner I had around a month ago, with a friend at a restaurant in Westliegh, on the North Shore. It was called Cantucci's, and while it was a bit off the beaten track, it certainly delivered in regards to the meal. I started with a gourmet Garlic Bread, served with pancetta and risotto, then moved onto my main of Smoked Salmon with garden herbs. Given the steamy atmosphere, the cool Salmon was delectable, and the Garden Herbs were excellent. Overall, a great night had by all, and special compliments to the crew at Cantucci's. If you are in the Hornsby district for dinner, certainly give Cantucci's a view, you won't regret it